Good Vibes

Please be forewarned that content might include
details of abuse and potentially triggering language.

Recently while online, I came across a short video that had so much more meaning than the immediate and obvious.  The video shows a single frog in the foreground, silent within the still waters of a creek.  Out of camera range, a chorus of a low-toned croaking frogs swells–then suddenly, as if silenced by a conductor’s baton, pauses.  The single frog begins to vibrate.  A piercing, higher-pitched song from the single frog rises, and the other frogs chime in.  The sound waves released by the single frog press concentric rings of discernible waves out around him.  The water absorbs, then releases the frog’s energy out to the larger body of water. 

The video depicts how one small being can impact his surroundings–virtually changing the atmosphere.  Whether it was the frog’s motion or its sound that moved the water is debatable.  Physics, however, has proven that sound not only affects the atmosphere, but lingers long after initially put out.  Some scientists posit that sound waves remain, echoing for eternity.

It’s not just frogs; humans vibrate, too. Voices transmit inaudible vibration along with audible sound.  Our very beings affect the atmosphere around us, even when we remain silent.  Each human has a coded emission based upon his or her inner essence; for example, stress vibrates at a different frequency than calm and peace.  Although you might think that words alone define vibration, happy words spoken with an angry tone release negative energy.  Because we are mostly water, vibration can either rattle or soothe us.  Babies are about 80% water.  By adulthood, we’re still 60% water.  In reality, we humans are the creek absorbing and echoing vibration injected into us.  It says a lot about the harmful effect of self-centered, rage-filled rhetoric spewed over the sea of humanity from a political platform—but I won’t go there, not yet anyway. 

Over the years, while looking back on my childhood, I have found it both curious and infuriating that my parents insisted that my siblings and I effusively compliment them.  We were conditioned to express gratitude for any human need they had a hand in providing.  “Thanks, Daddy, that we have food to eat.”  They taught us to seek out praiseworthy events.  “You look so nice today!” would be spoken from small child to parent, not the other way around.  At the same time, my father continually instructed us that “You create your own reality.”  Suffering – which he instigated through child pornography and prostitution — was a mere illusion meant to be overcome by mind over matter, happy talk, and intentionally created good vibes.

When I was nine or ten years old, my father brought two small houseplants home and set them on the mantel.  He instructed us to speak kindly to one and angrily to the other.  My parents watered the plants.  I’m not sure whether they intervened with bleach or other poison drops in one, but as my father predicted, the recipient of harsh speech withered and died.  And the happy-talk plant thrived.

My father did not have much of anything praiseworthy in his life.  He was a conscienceless, cruel tyrant who recruited others to join him in his evil deeds. He did not deserve the kind speech he demanded from his children.  Sadly, the tool he employed, changing the atmosphere through positivity, was a scientific paradigm given him by men vested in the continuation of the pedophile ring.  Brainwashing accomplished an inner cleansing, and positive speech effected an outward projection of absolution and whitewash.  Both stymied outflow of the trauma my siblings and I experienced.

Going forward, I’d like to learn to balance acknowledging and shedding terrifying traumatic memories and the lies I took in with becoming a truly positive person—one who releases ripples of love, joy, peace, and kindness around me.  Like the frog, I seek to be in a place of solitude where the seeming silence within me would be embraced and echo out into a peacefully coexisting atmosphere.  In my experience, positive, affirming words — even when spoken internally, to oneself — can literally tune us to a higher frequency.  And I choose to believe that from this higher plane, we not only are shielded from negative souls, but are activated as agents of change to displace destructive energy that others have deposited on earth.

Under Trump, humanity has seen how one man’s venom can rile up rallying supporters, steal hope from the young, and erode national morale.  Yet in the current generation, our nation has had presidents who championed peace and provision for the poor (JFK) and inspired a symphony of hope that lifted the ignored and oppressed (Obama).  After the twin towers fell, President Bush spoke sober truth, releasing strength. Young voices with post-9/11 compassion and hope shaping the lenses of their worldview have emerged:  Parkland students, Greta Thunberg, etc. 

The poison from the current president has not mutated the character of the young.  Overwhelmingly, polls show that they oppose his methods and policies.  Though they might be discouraged, and concerned about the future, few of the young have drunk the Trump Kool-Aid.  They number among the least likely to support his administration.  I can only hope that they see themselves – like that single frog – as capable of changing the atmosphere, of bringing forth a new anthem to replace the oppressive tone that unceasingly echoes from the current president’s chambers.  We all could use a break—and some good vibes.

2 thoughts on “Good Vibes

  1. grace to survive May 2, 2020 / 4:32 am

    The person at the helm right now is a shell of a human with no soul.
    My belief is that good shines through despite him, and shall prevail, is prevailing. Good work is happening all around the country and the world, even as he tries grabbing it as his own doing. It doesn’t matter. The good is there and more powerful than his evil.
    8 more months and we’ll have someone who get the country’s health care workers PPE, and also enough tests to have people tested whenever needed and however many times needed. Until then I’m afraid hell lies ahead of us still as states open because he also won’t take a lead at that either, and that means a second, or even third wave of death worst than the first.

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  2. janedouherty May 3, 2020 / 7:29 am

    When things are good, it’s easier for people to ignore the lies, self-aggrandizing, blame game, and criticism (of media and anyone who contradicts or challenges him). In a crisis, we’re more vulnerable by definition—but also more open to recognizing his BS. Hopefully enough ppl see it and vote.

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