The Epstein Model

-The Epstein Model addresses patterns and complicity in child sexual abuse

Please be forewarned that content might include
details of abuse and potentially triggering language.

I initially title this blog “Currents” partly to symbolize under-the-surface pain and trauma, kind of a rip-current emotional undertow, in the life of the typical child sexual abuse victim.  However, in this post I’d like to address something that’s “current” in national news.

If you’ve turned on the television recently, you’ve heard about the arrest, incarceration, and suicide of multi-millionaire (half-billionaire) Jeffery Epstein. Epstein, found guilty of similar crimes a decade ago, had evaded consequences when federal charges were dropped in return for an unprecedentedly light sentence in the state of Florida.  That sentence, 13-months of evening and weekend jailtime, was negotiated by none other than U.S. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, who has since resigned.  Without the #metoo and similar movements raising public awareness of the issue of sexual violence — especially against children – who knows if Epstein would have been arrested, or Acosta confronted with his role in past wrongs.    

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