Venom and Phantoms

-Considers how childhood abuse lays foundation for further abuse

Please be forewarned that content might include
details of abuse and potentially triggering language.

It isn’t something I ever enjoyed, not even as a child–a haunted house, that is.  I don’t understand the allure.  Why would anyone pay to visit an autumn House of Horror where hellish-looking, mummified actors are there solely to scare the living daylights out of you?   

One thing not so frightening in those seasonal venues, though, was the decorative webs drooping from ceiling corners.  The gossamer silk strung by real spiders must be difficult to replicate on the cheap.  Fat cotton fishnets brushing across bare skin don’t evoke the sticky shudder of freshly-spun spiderwebs, nor do their chunky, knotted strings drape or clingily enshroud like the dusty lace of authentic cobwebs.  Not to mention, why do they bother putting an oversized fake spider in the net?  If it’s a “cobweb,” doesn’t that mean that the spider is gone?

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